57 Year Old Woman Looks 35 With Beauty Secret From Two America's Next Top Models

america's next top model

Cindy M knows something that most people don't.

It's a secret that would put many plastic surgeons out of business. She's in her mid-50s and a runway model. Her skin is her employment – she MUST look amazing or she's out of work. That's why she was thrilled to stumble on to a beauty secret that took 20 years off her appearance in just a month...despite not so much as touching Botox or any form of cosmetic procedure.

So what is it?

The first piece of the puzzle came to her when she watched Dr. Oz talk about retinol – a derivative of vitamin A that penetrates deep into damaged skin and stimulates new collagen. It's all the rage in beauty circles, much in part because of a 2009 study linking non-prescription retinol to a 60% reduction in fine lines.

But it was the sleuth in her that led to her second discovery: one used by two America's Next Top Model contestants – and one winner – that took two decades off her appearance in just weeks and that ANY woman can use to do the same!

Cindy's Amazing 30 Day Transformation

Cindy's discovery is a shocking one. She is 'near the business end' of her 50s, after all, and a busy woman with what she calls "life experience" compounded by the sun damage – the leading cause of visible aging – that built up from living abroad and in California for 40 years.

She's also the perfect example of how a little ingenuity can help you avoid the risks linked to cosmetic procedures and save thousands of dollars in the process.

Perception is everything in the fashion industry. She knew of aging models who'd gone under the knife and viewed 'differently' after the procedure and with less work to show for it. She was not keen to do Botox either – a 2011 study conducted by the University of Toronto found that women who did the procedure were judged harshly compared to women who aged naturally.

Just the same, she needed help. The lines on her forehead were not going away. Her eyes were showing age, too, with laugh lines and 'crow's feet. Combined with puffiness that she says made her look "older" (her words), this led her to experiment with different anti-aging creams. She tried more than six products, each hyped with promises to erase wrinkles and restore youth to her face. They all failed – despite her using each product as directed.

Angry and feeling let down, at one point she considered putting money out to get Botox injections, and even thought of pursuing a risky and expensive facelift. But the cost would be high, to her career at least, and she'd heard enough stories of botched procedures – with permanent results – that she decided otherwise. She was convinced there was a safer, and yes, non-intrusive anti-aging solution that would give visible results without the career hit or the stigma of surgery.

Then fate came knocking...

Cindy's Solution

Cindy spent over a year looking for a product that worked. She spoke with other women about their skin care habits until she read a beauty column by Priscilla Ono, AKA 'the make up artist to the stars'. Having worked with clients like Paris Hilton and Carmen Electra, she knows her stuff. So Cindy paid attention when Priscilla mentioned that a new wrinkle cream called Kollagen Intensiv combined retinol with Syn-coll.

With jaw-dropping results.

Launched in 2011, celebrities secretly flocked to the product because it worked so well. In Priscilla's column, Cindy learned that Two America's Next Top Model contestants, Brittany Brower and All-Stars winner Lisa D'Amato, used the product to look stunning as they entered their 30s.

So she tried Kollagen Intensiv. And though she didn't know it at the time, the two ingredients, when combined, were about to take 20 years off her appearance.

The results came fast. She saw noticeable results in the mirror after using the product for several days. And those results kept coming. A month after starting her regimen with Kollagen Intensiv, she knew she was on to something. Together, both retinol and Syn-coll worked magic, with visible results that came faster because the ingredients somehow complimented each other.

Her results were so impressive that they were better than what you'd typically find in a medi-spa for $5000+. The combination got rid of close to 90% of her wrinkles, including on her forehead and around her eyes. Her complexion improved too, to the point that her face glowed a natural vibrancy. Not even a month after using the product, the compliments were flowing. The phone rang too – a lot – with more offers to work than she'd had in years!

That by itself is remarkable. But here's the kicker: her life-changing results did not cost her a cent because she used a free sample of the product for just 30 days!

Cindy's story got out. Her husband, family and friends were shocked, being convinced she'd done Botox and not told them about it. It's not typical for skin to look 20 years younger in a month, after all, and the word got out. Soon her friends started using her technique, and before long, her simple, two product trick was on national TV!

Priscilla Ono: Make Up Artist To Stars Including Paris Hilton and Kelly Rowland

Working with world famous celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Carmen Electra, Kelly Rowland, Iggy Azalea, Amber Rose and many more...

Priscilla is one of the youngest makeup artist to have keyed a show at the main tents for New York fashion week Mercedes Benz (Mik Cire).

She has worked with visionary directors such as David La Chapelle, Diane Martel, Benny Boom, Sophia Coppola, Ray Kay and photographer Marcus Klinko. She's also been shot by world famous photographer David Lachapelle and featured in magazines such as, Slink Magazine, Glamour Magazine and WWB also featured in music videos such as S&M by Rihanna.

"My clients demand the best. Any flaws – any – imperfections in hair, make up, skin or clothes shows up in unflattering ways when photographers are snapping their pictures. They can't take a night off if their skin does not cooperate. That's why Kollagen Intensiv has won me over.

I like Kollagen Intensiv because you can wear it under make up. It's very easy on the skin, frankly, it feels amazing. When I use Kollagen Intensiv it literally feels like my skin is rejoicing. My clients love it too, they can't get enough of it!

We're not getting younger. My clients are gorgeus women, many in their 40s and beyond. As a leading make up artist I can tell you that it really is possible to look two decades younger. The secret is to work with what you have and to do it naturally. Kollagen Intensiv is perfect for that!"

- Priscilla Ono

Why it Works

Cindy obsessed with facial revival. She dug further into the two ingredients and learned they both stimulate natural production of youth-friendly collagen. They both have researchers excited – being two of the most recent developments in skin care science.

Yet very few anti-wrinkle creams have both ingredients together and at the right concentrations for best results.

Syn-Coll is a patented peptide with a unique sequence that mimics the body's mechanism to produce natural collagen. A breakthrough wrinkle treatment, it penetrates deep into skin and stimulates healthy human fibroblasts of collagen by up to 119%. A clinical study found that women who applied Syn-Coll twice daily enjoyed a very welcome 354% reduction in appearance of wrinkles.

Retinol is a derivative of vitamin A and the gold standard among anti-aging products. With benefits including fewer wrinkles, fine lines and less skin damage, you'd typically need a prescription to buy a retinol cream. But a 2009 study published in Skin Pharmacology and Physiology found that non-prescription retinol, like that in Kollagen Anti-Aging, was just as effective, and was linked to a 25% improvement in wrinkles and 60% improvement in fine lines. Less irritation too!

Each ingredient shows spectacular results. So it's no surprise that Kollagen Intensiv, which combines this two elixrs of youth, is popular with models including America's Next Top Model winners and other notable celebrities.

Prominent dermatologists say it's no surprise these ingredients combine to produce such amazing results. They've revealed to us that Kollagen Intensiv uses these ingredients at ideal concentrations for maximum results. Best of all, they blend natural skin care with the most recent developments in skin care science. They have no parabens and they're safe for all skin types.

Lisa D'Amato
Winner of America's Next Top Model: All Stars

I won America's Next Top Model in 2011 and my life is busy. I'm a model, actress, recording artist and like I wasn't already busy enough, I just took on a new role – I'm a mother now and proud wife to a great new husband.

Yeah, you can accurately say that I'm always on the go, but I have to look great when I'm in front of the camera. That's not easy given how busy I am. And that's why I'm a firm believer in Kollagen Intensiv.

I've used so many skin products during my career. Yet Kollagen Intensiv stands out among them. It's non-greasy and quickly absorbs into my skin. I love how it feels and that it doesn't cause breakouts.

It's an awesome moisturizer too. You can even use it as a day and night cream!

I'm just barely in my 30s and I plan on looking young for a very long time. Thanks Kollagen Intensiv, for helping me look my best on camera and off!

Britanny Brower
Seen on The Tyra Banks Show

Being the center of attention can be stressful. I've been on big network shows for VH1 and UPN and done extensive photoshoots for some very big names. Now I'm coaching the next wave of models to hit the runway. But I've got to look amazing while I do it.

Kollagen Intensiv allows me to shine when it matters. That means I know my skin will look resilient even if I have not had a lot of sleep. I think of it as insurance against future wrinkles and fine lines too, because, let's face it, it's hot in Southern California! Kollagen Intensiv helps keep me looking young and vibrant. The way I want to look for a very long time!

I'm guessing you've probably heard many claims of breakthrough anti-wrinkle creams. So have I. I'm a sceptic by nature, but I can really tell you that Kollagen Intensiv delivers the goods. It helps me look great. Give it a chance and I know it will do the same for you!

Dr. Oz
Celebrity Doctor

“What we want to do is take something like Retin-A (retinol), which literally removes areas that are damaged, and because it penetrates into the skin, it has the unique ability to replace that part of the skin that has been damaged with new collagen. And it encourages production of material that allows the skin to regain that youthful appearance.”

- Dr. Oz

Cindy's Amazing 30 Day Transformation

"How I Did It"

My skin pays the rent, so it was really important for me to tighten up certain areas. I'm not big on facelifts and Botox. Natural beauty has taken me far in my career, and I'm happy to say the combination of these two ingredients has been simply fabulous.

The product is easy to use. I just signed up for the Kollagen Intensiv free trial I found online after I read about the two ingredients through Priscilla's column. She explained that Kollagen Intensiv used both of them at good concentrations to get the results I was looking for. I figured, if it worked for two beautiful women from America's Next Top Model it could work for me too. I liked the proof it offered as well, that it reduced wrinkles by up to 354%

"I loved how it felt on my skin. It was probably the most luxurious cream I've ever applied to my face and it absorbed quickly. I just massaged it as directed on to my face and neck every morning and before I went to bed. It's a good moisturizer too – it kept my skin from drying out and replaced the need for a cream to wear at night." - Cindy

Can YOU Do the Same?

All I can tell you is that you should be skeptical. I would not have believed anyone who told me I would look two decades younger in a month by using a simple skin care trick. I've heard all the promises too, and I tried many of them – but this combination really works. Kollagen Intensiv worked for me, and if you're on the fence, just bite the bullet and try it yourself! Trust me when I say, your before and after will be stunning! - Cindy

Now it's your turn. Sign up for the Kollagen Intensiv free trial and use the same technique that Cindy did to enjoy looking 20 years younger in just 30 days. Step up – show the world you DON'T need botox or expensive plastic surgery to look beautiful and vibrant and feel amazing. Experience that for yourself – and please leave a comment below when you do.

Note: you'll need to use Kollagen Intensiv twice daily for best results.

For your convenience, please find the links that Cindy used to sign up for her Kollagen Intensiv free trial. The shipping is very cheap, and you should have it on your door step within six days.

There are rumors the manufacturer is ending the trial soon, so join the trial now to avoid disappointment.

Again, you need to use Kollagen Intensiv as directed for best results. It's highly recommended by clients – and Cindy – and it offers to take up to 20 years off your appearance in just a month. Cost to you: less than $10 in shipping.

Just pay attention to that word "temporarily", because from what we've heard, it's about to get yanked!

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